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Ohana means family…  allow us to introduce you to ours.


Devon (Ka Haku Mele) is an instrumentalist, singer, and performer. Devon’s Hawaiian name is Ka Haku Mele, “the weaver of songs”. He plays the guitar, ukulele, Tahitian banjo, piano, and various Tahitian percussion instruments such as the Toere, Pahu, and Fa’akete.  Devon performs the Hawaiian Hula, New Zealand Haka, Samoan Slap Dance as well as Samoan Fire Knife.


Brandon (I Kaika) is a vibrant vocalist and performer. Brandon’s Hawaiian name is I KaiKa, “the strong and the powerful”. He has been a chief soloist in various performing groups. Brandon plays the ukulele, bass guitar, and Tahitian banjo.  He also performs the Hawaiian Hula, New Zealand Haka, Samoan Slap Dance, and Samoan Fire Knife.


Stassi (Mili Nanea) is a musical performer and dancer.  Nastassia’s Hawaiian name is Mili Nanea, “the cherished person that absorbs and delights”.  She’s been dancing various Polynesian styles such as Hawaiian Hula, Ori Tahiti, New Zealand Poi Balls, and Fire Poi Balls since the age of 5.  Stassi also plays the ukulele, upright bass, and sings.


Momo (Kaleoaloha) is a singer and dancer. Monique’s Hawaiian name is Kaleoaloha, “the voice of love”.  She is the youngest performer of our ohana but has the composure of a seasoned professional.  She continues to learn the bass guitar and piano. Momo dances Hawaiian Hula, Ori Tahiti, and New Zealand Poi Balls.


Lynette (Ka’ Ohinani) is Makuahine (Mother). Lynette’s Hawaiian name is Ka’ Ohinani, “the gatherer of beautiful things”. She is the matriarch of our ohana and is the glue that holds us together.


Gordon (Ka’eo) is Makua Kane (Father) of the ohana. Gordon’s Hawaiian name is Ka’eo, “strong, fervent and full of knowledge”.  He is the one that drives the ohana continually to improve and perfect our skills.


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